5 Departments within Azqore

Information technology: 200 banking IT specialists operate S2i, the integrated platform that lies at the heart of Azqore. Some work on developing and upgrading the system, while others ensure the reliability of functionalities on user workstations, and the hundreds of private banking applications made available to our user community. Alongside them, experts in the Digital Factory focus on e-banking and m-banking projects.

Transaction processing: Azqore pioneered the outsourcing of banking transaction processing and has established a vast center of expertise that provides clients with all or some of their back office processes. It has nearly 200 banking experts who process Cash or Securities transactions, transaction matching and investigations, as well as specialists in taxation and accounting. 

Business Delivery and Support: This team serves as the interface between Azqore’s teams and our clients to take into account their operational needs. It is responsible for Customer Support as well as interacting with our IT specialists to manage queries, overseeing upgrades to the platform, providing support with responses to new requirements and testing new functionalities. The team also coordinates new client creation or migration projects and provides user training.

Sales and Client Management: The team of relationship managers is the point of entry for new clients and the sole manager of client relations as a whole, though at Azqore, everyone serves our users and can be put in direct contact with them for a specific matter. It is also in charge of client acquisition.

Corporate: Azqore was previously a department of a bank and is now a separate company in its own right. Its corporate team provides all the functions needed to ensure the independent running of a company in the financial sector: finance, human resources, communications, procurement, security, operational risk management, etc.