International by nature

Azqore combines the strengths of a truly global company with the benefits of its Swiss roots, which provide a guarantee of execution excellence and security.

Our clients’ data are hosted in Switzerland, in our highly secure Datacenters.

Most of our teams are based in Switzerland, in Lausanne and near Geneva, and in Singapore. They come from 24 countries and speak more than 22 languages.

Our platform is also multilingual: it offers four user languages (French, English, Spanish and Italian) and 13 client reporting languages, including Chinese.

Our clients are regulated banks with booking centers in Europe and Asia, in 10 countries: Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland and Hong Kong.Our platform integrates every one of the domestic regulations applicable in these countries, guaranteeing our user community full compliance with local requirements.

Because a wealth manager’s clients can come from anywhere in the world, our solution currently handles client reporting in 13 languages.

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