Our growth path - from our history to our future plans

As with any team, a company and its values evolve slowly over time as they are shaped by its origins and shared experiences. Read about what shaped Azqore here.

Private banking is in our genes


Private banking is in our genes

The quality of our services is derived from our close ties with the private banking and wealth management universe in which our clients operate. These close ties stem from our origins. Our team was formed by the entrepreneurial spirit of ten passionate individuals in a private bank - Indosuez - in Switzerland. Their pioneering vision for banking was to pool resources into a single, integrated multi-bank information system - S2i - which was created by an in-house team in 1992.

The advantages of a banking culture

This team grew within Indosuez in Switzerland, nurtured by the culture that underlies Swiss private banking, which is embodied in the watchwords quality, security and confidentiality. Today, even though our activities have become fully independent, we remain part of Credit Agricole group - the world’s 13th biggest banking group - via Indosuez Wealth Management, an international wealth management specialist.

Our origins in banking give us distinct advantages: our intimate knowledge of the specific requirements of private banking, our serious operational approach, our stringent risk and compliance control systems and our financial strength.

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A history of growth

From the very beginning, we followed a path built on a spirit of enterprise and growth, and this has shaped Azqore as it is today.

We gradually integrated ten private banks from our group, which are now united under the Indosuez brand, into our S2i platform. Soon, an entirely independent bank - BankMed in Switzerland - was convinced by the idea of pooling IT resources and it migrated its information system to our platform. This marked the beginning of a new era for us - our expansion outside the Crédit Agricole group. Two decades later, 20 banks from across Europe and Asia use our platform. One of the latest banks to migrate was Bank of China, which outsourced all the IT and back office services of its private banking activities in Singapore to us in 2017.

In the meantime, we also extended our geographical reach to support our clients’ activities. In 2016, we set up a service centre for Asia, in Singapore. Our platform is now fully operational in 10 countries, mainly in Europe and Asia.

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2018 - Azqore was born

A new chapter has just begun in our history of successive developments. Our activity, which was previously carried out by a department, Crédit Agricole Private Banking Services (CA-PBS), has been made into a subsidiary. In 2018, we became a fully-fledged separate company under Swiss law, with full legal independence.

This was a strategic move to increase our possibilities and allow us to go even further in serving private banks and wealth managers.

To mark this new chapter in our history, we have changed our name from CA-PBS to Azqore. Our new name reflects what makes us unique on this market: it echoes the completeness of our solutions – from A to Z as in Azqore – and reflects the importance of quality in our processes, while alluding to the integrated platform that operates at the center of our clients’ processes – Azqore.

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Being your preferred partner

A new growth dynamic has begun and it will empower us to serve more of the private banks and wealth managers that are transforming their activities around the world. We will do this by continually enhancing our range of services.

We have a single ambition for the future: to be the preferred banking platform in the countries we cover, and to continue writing the history of Azqore by building on our 25 years of success.