Our culture, our difference

Our culture is rooted in our history and in our activity, which lies at the crossroads of technology, services and private banking. This culture is underpinned by five pillars that sets us apart.

Committed partners

Our sense of commitment covers our user community and our members of staff.

We are committed to helping private banks and wealth management professionals transform their activity while keeping a tight rein on risks. We believe firmly that the symmetry of our commitment allows us to better reveal our talent.


We have strong ambitions for our clients and for ourselves.

Our vision: by investing further in S2i and by always enhancing the user experience, we will become the preferred banking platform among wealth managers in our target markets. We have plans to acquire new clients and to expand, in particular in Asia. We are also transforming, with a shift towards more digital solutions, better services and more efficiency, because we know that our future success depends on our ongoing excellence. These projects provide opportunities for the talented new people who will join us.

Team spirit

We are convinced of the importance of cooperation.

In the Azqore team, the watchwords are unity, cooperation and shared responsibility. This same community mindset binds us to our clients and partners in lasting relationships.


We want our reliability to exemplify everything we do.

In the increasingly regulated world of private banking, our clients need to know they can rely on a responsible, trustworthy partner, in particular so they can be sure their systems comply with regulatory requirements.

Operational excellence

Our teams are committed to delivering excellence.

The comprehensive banking experience of our teams complements our high quality execution to provide clients with what they need to transform their operational efficiency. We are proud to continually improve our services and to provide the fullest and more reliable service on the market, through our ongoing innovation and the possibility of customizing each user’s experience.