A best-in-class commitment to compliance

The compliance of our clients’ transactions is central to our service quality pledge. In reality, this pledge draws on our obligations as a provider of services to regulated banking institutions, the discipline required of us as part of a major global banking group, and our quality certification. Accordingly, we provide assurance that we always observe local and international rules wherever we operate.

Full compliance for regulated activities

The members of our user community are all regulated banking institutions. They hold a banking license, are supervised locally, observe a large corpus of regulations and undergo frequent audits. Whether we provide access to our platform S2i or business process outsourcing services, the requirements of the European, Swiss and Asian regulatory authorities ultimately apply to Azqore, which has gained solid experience in these areas over time. We factor in all the rules that apply to our clients, including taxation, accounting, product suitability, risk management, etc.

The strict framework governing outsourced banking services

Strict rules govern the outsourcing of banking services to external service providers. In the ten countries in which we operate, the banks that use our BPO services are required to prove their compliance to their local regulator, and in doing so they endorse Azqore’s compliance in their country.

Activities supervised by regulatory authorities in Europe, Switzerland and Asia

Azqore and its integrated system S2i must meet the local tax and regulatory requirements of each country in which its clients do business, regardless of how these requirements apply to banks. In reality, Azqore is therefore indirectly supervised by major regulators in Asia and Europe, including FINMA in Switzerland, the ACPR in France, the CSSF in Luxembourg and the HKMA and MAS in Asia.

Unlimited access to audit our services

Given the importance of compliance in the services we provide our clients, we contractually undertake to provide our clients, their auditors and their supervisors unlimited audit access covering the scope of activities they outsource to us. Very few clients take up this possibility, because Azqore regularly issues audit reports drawn up in accordance with recognized international standards as part of our certification efforts.

Certification, a source of compliance

To achieve its ambition of excellence and compliance, Azqore, which puts quality at the center of its activities as well as its name, has chosen to seek several types of certification that meet international standards: ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 27001 for security – a code of best practice for the management of information security – and ISAE 3402 and ISAE 3000 for operational risk management and control.

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Better than being a bank, being part of a major global banking group

As a member of Crédit Agricole group, Azqore is fully bound by the international corpus of Compliance Directives issued by its majority shareholder. Our teams benefit from the mandatory training schemes set up for all the group's employees.

This gives our clients a stronger guarantee of compliance than they would get from a local bank or a pure play IT firm. Given its parent group’s particularly stringent compliance requirements, Azqore’s clients are sure to benefit from international best practice in this area.

A guarantee of continual upgrades

While compliance is ensured at a given time, it must also be guaranteed dynamically and over time. For this reason, we regularly perform IT development upgrades and process adjustments to ensure we meet any new regulations in a timely manner.

Constant optimization thanks to the user community

Even though the past is not a guide to the future, Azqore’s clients encounter very few difficulties with their auditors or their regulators regarding the activities and processes we manage. In all cases, our clients can be sure that we constantly optimize our solutions. As soon as we identify a shortcoming, we immediately launch a process to remedy the problem and all members of the community will benefit from the solution found.

Transactions handled by Azqore are sure to comply with the highest compliance standards.


The S2i Club

A user community

To bring the spirit of co-construction to life beyond the shared information system and pooled services, we hold quarterly meetings where users can discuss our common goals and draw inspiration from looking to the future

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Our commitments

Reliability and expertise in operational risk management

Azqore’s services can be relied on in the same way as Swiss watch movements. Our quality, security and control policies underpin our pursuit of operational excellence and risk management.

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