Choose S2i as Information System, for efficiency

In an ever-more complex environment, the performance of your information system has become a strategic issue for private bankers. Against this backdrop of transformation, the integrated S2i platform has proven to be an industry-leading solution for tomorrow’s wealth managers, because of its reliability and its range of possibilities, continuous upgrades, the improvements in productivity and the pooling of investments it facilitates, and its geographical reach. A growing number of users can testify to this.

S2i as a Service, a driver of your transformation

For the past few years, private banks have had to contend with multiple challenges: more stringent regulations and fiscal transparency, low interest rates and the threat of shrinking AuM, the digital revolution and the emergence of new industry players. This new reality is threatening their profitability. They need to transform, and their information system is their number one priority.

By outsourcing their IT to Azqore - a highly-specialized partner that ensures the overall operation of the core of their banking information system - and by using an integrated system built by pooling the strengths of specialized users “as a Service”, they can leverage a solution that adds both financial and operational value. Other being available under a SaaS model, S2i is also offered as part of a comprehensive Banking Operations as a Service solution.

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S2i, the most comprehensive integrated wealth management platform

A ground-breaking proprietary solution built on 25 years of continuous development, S2i is a unique integrated front-to-back platform that stands out for its comprehensive operating coverage.

Wealth management from A to Z

S2i covers all a private bank’s needs, enabling Azqore to support the onboarding of a new bank in a very short span of time.  Our team can deliver its integrated platform in just three months, backed by certified operational risk management processes and observing strict compliance standards.

The advantages of a multi-business banking information system

As our user community includes banks active out the confines of wealth management, the scope of S2i is ideal for private banks that offer a wider range of services. Our platform can also meet the needs of retail banking, real estate financing, trading and capital market financing activities.

A unique, multi-country, multilingual geographical footprint

S2i operates in 10 countries, providing access in all the geographical regions that specialize in wealth management.

It offers four user languages (English, French, Spanish and Italian) and 13 client reporting languages and factors in all the latest regulatory and fiscal standards for each country.

A pooled solution that adapts to your current and future requirements

The S2i platform is a shared hub that relies on just one IT instance for the entire user community. Therefore, each update, security feature or software release is available to all our clients.

However, its extremely flexible programming possibilities mean that each client has its own separate, secure software that meets its own specific requirements, which are identified at a very early stage using a proprietary process. In addition, the front-end functionalities in S2i can be customized using secure APIs.

Each client’s database is hosted in Azqore’s premises in Switzerland and is completely sealed against data leaks. Clients can also choose a local S2i solution in which case they will host confidential data in their own premises.

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A specific offering for external wealth managers

Azqore has developed a range of fully secure and integrated solutions specially adapted to external wealth managers, the S2i-TG offering.

Azqore, organized reliability

Our team constantly monitors operational risks.

Our entire IT and operational production and our information system are monitored by certified control systems covering quality (ISO 9001), operational risk (ISAE 3402 - type 2), security (ISO 27001), and Client Identification Data (ISAE 3000). This accounts for the renowned stability of the S2i system.

A support team delivering high-quality services

Azqore is a service provider and its customer support team is available to handle any functional, IT or operational problems you may encounter. Based in Switzerland and Singapore, a single team of 15 specialists handles queries from the user community using a “follow the sun” model. Depending on the issue, work to address a support request can continue through the business hours of several time zones, enabling us to provide service up to 20 hours a day, six days a week.

S2i - a platform to help you grow

The S2i platform meets the needs of banks of all sizes and with different business mixes. This is one of its distinct advantages - it allows its users to expand safe in the knowledge that their information system has the potential to extend its capacity, activities and geographical coverage as necessary. They also have a solid partner for their specific projects.

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A partnership delivering success in digital

In the future, wealth management client services are set to become more digitalized than in retail banking.

Azqore provides your clients access to e-S2i - one of the world’s best private and retail banking e-banking interfaces - delivering autonomy, performance and security to 62,000 users. We also have a standard customizable solution known as mS2i allowing real time access via mobile devices, or we can make tailored developments if you prefer.

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Access to shared digital assets

As well as the online banking platform e-S2i and the mobile solution mS2i, our user community also benefits from digital developments performed by our Digital Factory at the request of one of its members, for example an app providing macro-economic news. New mobile apps and functionalities are made available on the Apple Store and Google Play, such as a digital onboarding process and account aggregation solutions.

Azqore’s technology partnership with Capgemini allows us to go further in delivering our user community the most advanced digital solutions.

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Constant operational readiness and four releases per year

Having a reliable, efficient banking information system is essential, but it is not enough to give you full peace of mind. You also need to be confident that it will be regularly updated to incorporate all new developments as they arise, be they of a technical, regulatory or fiscal, domestic or international nature, or simply due to your own changing requirements. For this reason, we make four software releases each year, which are managed on an industrial scale. 

In addition to the platform’s constant operational readiness, with Azqore, the S2i user community benefits from four releases per year, conducted and managed internally by specially-trained IT teams. For your peace of mind, the cost is already included in the price of the service, as is that of the continuous integration of regulatory and fiscal changes.

Regular investment programs

So we can keep our service quality at the highest standards, S2i also receives upgrade investments to ensure it remains at the cutting edge of technology and to provide functional enhancements based on changes requested by the user community. Azqore’s R&D investments in S2i total CHF 10 million each year, and these are boosted by our clients’ own investments. These investments are orchestrated in a global approach that is part of a three-year plan shared within the S2i community in a roadmap and distributed in the four annual releases

The future is here

Azqore is already working on the operating system needed by the wealth managers of the future. We are focusing on themes such as behavioral finance, neuro-profiling, robo-advisors and new anti-fraud systems.

Banking Operations

Entrust your back office to us

As well as your information system, you can also entrust your back office processes to us. Our highly-specialized experts and our disciplined approach ensure careful management of your operational risks.

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The assurance of Service for our clients

Whether you choose just S2i as a Service or if you also entrust your transaction processing to us, you will benefit from our expert services: Onboard your S2i, Open and Digitalize your S2i, Customize your S2i, and Azqore Consulting Services.

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