Entrust your back office to operational experts

The quality of transaction execution and processing is a key aspect of the service excellence we deliver to customers, but the importance of cost control is ever-increasing.

To manage this difficult balance, you can entrust all your back office processes, as well as your IT, to Azqore. The cumulative expertise of our "Banking Operations as a Service" teams, our disciplined ISO 9001 quality approach and our ISAE 3402 certification, with over 60 audited controls, make our specialists recognized experts.

You can fully trust Azqore’s back office services.

Developing business process outsourcing

As with aggregation, the modelling of transaction processes unquestionably improves productivity; it also promotes expertise and, as such, operational risk management. Thanks to these kinds of benefits, the practice of outsourcing business process management to highly skilled professionals such as Azqore is gaining traction and becoming more widespread.

Azqore, highly professional back office services

As a pioneer in this type of outsourcing, Azqore has developed the widest range of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services since 1994. To complement our IT solution, S2i, our teams can provide the support and expertise you need in all back office processes, with an unrivalled track record in terms of operational risk.

A team for each process

Under the pooling principle, we have solid teams of specialists with advanced expertise located in Lausanne and Singapore, serving you in six languages. The Operations department serves multiple clients and is structured in line with the main back office functions.

SpecialtyAreas of intervention
Cash management back officeFX & FX Derivatives Operations, Treasury and Money Market, Cash payments and transfers, SWIFT message management, Counterparty and Network Management, Market Restrictions and regulations support
Securities back officeSecurities Operations (Settlement of Executed trades, Securities Transfers, Corporate actions, Derivatives processing, Tax, Funds servicing and operations)
Reconciliation, Cash and Securities and InvestigationsTransaction matching and cash and securities investigations, management of regulatory reporting

Besides these areas of expertise, you will also receive the support you need for reporting and collateral management, for example.

An additional option, accounting outsourcing

At the request of our clients, we have also set up a modular accounting outsourcing offering which allows you to outsource all or part of your accounting and tax back office processes to our teams. This service has received ISAE 3402 certification.

SpecialtyAreas of intervention
Outsourcing accounting servicesAccounting management, financial and regulatory reporting, internal reporting, indirect taxation

Back office services for private banks and wealth managers

Banking Operations a Service also covers the global banking requirements that apply to private banks. We process standard products (simple securities, cash) and the extremely complex instruments used in private banking (derivatives and structured products, accumulators, different types of investment fund, private equity).

Additional services such as execution services for investment funds or the automation of mail services for client reporting are also available.

Reliability for your back office processes

Because of our origins, our solid ongoing ties with our original shareholding group and, in particular because of our years of experience in servicing wealth managers, Azqore’s teams fully understand the needs of the clients, for whom we provide operational processing services.

In addition to ensuring operational security, confidentiality and quality requirements on a daily basis, our teams are responsive and they support their clients. They are also committed to improving quality and enhancing productivity on a continual basis. Their activity has been certified and is monitored with regular performance indicators and satisfaction surveys.

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Expert services

The assurance of Service for our clients

Whether you choose just S2i as a Service or if you also entrust your transaction processing to us, you will benefit from our expert services: Onboard your S2i, Open and Digitalize your S2i, Customize your S2i, and Azqore Consulting Services.

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S2i as a Service

Outsource your IT

In an environment of transformation, S2i as a Service is an industry-leading solution. Its reliability and its possibilities, its geographical coverage, its continuous upgrades and its economic performance make all the difference.

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