Azqore, the possibility of tailored services

Pooling is key to the efficiency of our S2i as a Service platform and the extent of our coverage is another of our major competitive advantages. However, the ultimate difference lies in our team’s combined business and IT expertise, which enables them to offer tailored solutions and to adjust S2i to fit your specific requirements.

Your S2i as a Service

S2i has become S2i, an international industry-leading core banking system, thanks in particular to its flexibility. You will see this from the Onboarding stage - our system is extremely configurable, and remains so over time. It is an open system and it offers the potential for digitalization. On request, S2i as a Service will become your S2i.

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Your upgrade requests guide our Project Plan

Our capabilities go well beyond system configuration, because they also extend to system development. At Azqore, functional enhancements to S2i start with the gathering and analysis of the needs of each member of our user community. Over and above our commitment to maintaining our platform at the cutting edge of technology and the CHF 10 million in R&D investments made by Azqore each year, our three-year Project Plan incorporates some of our clients’ specific requests and investments.

Overall, S2i as a Service and its user community benefit from around CHF 30 million in investments and development each year, corresponding to 20,000 man-days. These specific projects address business, geographical or digitalization developments and are ultimately accessible to all members of the S2i community in optimum conditions. Team spirit and sharing remain at the center of our approach.

Our expertise ensures we can provide tailored services

We are able to take into account your specific requirements thanks to our team’s high level of specialization in private banking activities and banking IT. Their expertise and experience make it possible to transform your expectations into a project, then a development. In addition, the co-construction resources of our Digital Factory and our long-standing partnership with Capgemini enable us to produce the most advanced digital solutions for our user community. As well as providing optimization through pooling, Azqore is also a choice partner for your specific projects.

Onboard your S2i

The guarantee of a well-planned transition

Drawing on more than 25 years of experience, our seasoned teams will take charge of your onboarding to our shared platform completely securely and in just a few months, in line with your specific needs and the agreed timeframe.

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Open and Digitalize your S2i

Expand your possibilities

S2i is an integrated platform, but it can open up to the external solutions you need, and its functionalities can be digitalized on request. Welcome to an integrated AND open system.

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Consulting Services

Move your projects forward

Azqore has advanced its user community’s systems and processes for 25 years. Its consultants are highly specialized experts with a solid track record - wealth managers’ ideal partners for their future projects.

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