Certification: a guarantee of reliability and risk management

All of Azqore’s services - IT, business process outsourcing and consulting - share features with Swiss watch movements. To ensure that our reliability and risk management remain at the highest levels and continually improve, we leave nothing to chance. Our quality, security and control policies confirm this, and they underpin our pursuit of operational excellence.

A key policy for Azqore

Reliability and risk management lie at the heart of Azqore’s identity - the Q in its name stands for Quality - and this sets us apart from our peers. Because we believe that constant vigilance is essential, our entire company is committed to a major certification drive, meaning that the documentation and control of our processes, systems and applications are an integral part of our daily activity.

To demonstrate the importance of this for Azqore, all new employees are informed about this as soon as they join the company.

Certified ISO 9001 for quality

This quality management system was set up in 1997 and has been gradually deployed throughout the company, including to certain corporate functions.

In particular it allows us to assess our capacity to meet our clients’ expectations and to comply with legal and regulatory requirements. Our objective is also to increase client satisfaction via a continuous improvement process.

Focused on perceived quality

To measure client satisfaction, we have a far-reaching policy for monitoring signals received at all stages in our relationship. More formally, we perform a quarterly survey of our user community to allow each member to rank our performance in key areas. This survey is used to produce a Client Score Card, which sets out priorities in terms of action required. This information is shared with all Azqore’s members of staff.

Certified ISO 27001 for security

Because your data and your processes must be protected, we apply international standard ISO 27001: Code of practice for an information security management system. Our first certification in this field was secured in 2012 and was just renewed in 2018.

ISAE 3402 AND 3000 certification for the control and management of operational risk

Since 2010, we have involved all our departments in process control certification. Azqore has a system of 144 risk controls, certified to ISAE 3402 (Type II Engagement) and, since 2015, also certified to ISAE 3000, which are ongoing throughout the year. Our control systems are all automated and documented, enhancing security for our clients.

A champion in operational risk management

At Azqore, each department performs its own controls. Every year, an external auditor performs three onsite audits of all our systems and produces a report, which may include upgrade requests, in particular if regulatory requirements are changing. This ensures that we observe all the regulations that apply to our clients as well as our own regulations.

This system means Azqore has particularly strong results in terms of operational risk management.

Logos certifications

The S2i Club

A user community

To bring the spirit of co-construction to life beyond the shared information system and pooled services, we hold quarterly meetings where users can discuss our common goals and draw inspiration from looking to the future

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Our commitments

Regulatory compliance lies at the heart of our activity

Azqore will not do business without full compliance. As a subsidiary of a major global banking group and a partner and service provider of banks regulated in Asia, Europe and Switzerland, we guarantee best practices.

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