06/2024 – Interview of Anton Soudovtsev, Head of Business Services at Azqore, in Hubbis Magazine

Anton Soudovtsev, Head of Business Services at Azqore, reveals exciting plans to integrate AI into core banking systems of Azqore.

The Enhanced Product Shelf is a solution aimed at facilitating the creation and development of financial products by using conversational AI technologies to provide compliant, relevant, and hyper-personalized investment proposals.

Foundational goals of this solution which will be implemented from 2025 :

✅ Simplify processes: it aims to help customers transition from static, monthly formulated investment recommendations to a more dynamic system that personalises investment options based on real-time client feedback.

↗️ Improve the personnalisation: it drives towards hyper-personalisation in its ability to provide highly specific investment recommendations based on customer data and preferences.

To read the full interview of Anton Soudovtsev : https://hubbis.com/article/ai-s-role-in-elevating-wealth-management-through-azqore-s-enhanced-product-shelf

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