We share your challenges, as well as your issues. Azqore's Consulting Service provides you with access to cutting-edge expertise that will help you achieve your development goals.

Together we choose the right model

Optimising your business model and financial pathways are key in your digital transformation journey. Azqore's Consulting team relies on a proven method and benchmarks.  

Following an initial phase of analysis of  your company, we help you to develop a coherent and tailored “business model”. This will enable you to swiftly increase the efficiency and productivity of your organisation.

Successful docking

With approximately 25 client banks and 30 years of international experience, we support you in the study of your reference scenario to offer you customised solutions for your current and future transformation challenges. When we welcome a new client bank to our platform, docking to the S2i is a crucial and delicate moment. The onboarding period lasts between four to  nine months and marks the beginning of a long-lasting and collaborative relationship. Azqore's consulting team is with you during these crucial months, where you can benefit from their recognised expertise in the Wealth Managers' businesses and challenges. Azqore is committed to providing you with the appropriate strategic and operational solutions right from the beginning, from the feasibility study and subsequently during the migration, to finally your data migration to the S2i. Deploying our unique and proven methods, we have had more than 60 successful migrations since 1994. You can be assured that your data integrity is preserved from end to end and the integration to your new system is performed as smoothly  as possible throughout your organisation.

Azqore supports your targets

Once the migration period has concluded, continue to benefit from Azqore’s consulting services that will accelerate your growth and help you tackle process optimisation challenges.

The consulting offer is structured around two major axes: Firstly, the initiatives of our experts who are familiar with your business, as well as your specific business and operational issues. And secondly, the support needed for your digital transformation. Azqore will support you in determining the correct course and assist you to achieve your targets. This reinforces the efficiency of your organisation and accompanies you in the implementation of your strategy.

Creation of a product line 

A French bank intends to create a new “product” line with a new dedicated team. Azqore's Consulting unit was assigned to do the analysis of the logistical, technical and organisational impacts. The impact analysis, as well as the range of the project to be implemented, were concluded in a record timespan of one month, which allowed the client to swiftly launch the project consisting of 24 sub-projects. This expert study not only enabled the precise description of how to organise the activity in the S2i (analytical structure, access rights management, review of the operational flows, accounting parameters and essential risks) but also to better anticipate the organisational tasks required for the five departments at the bank (contractual aspects, security, new procedures, training, and sizing of the required support on project launch). The client, satisfied with this mission, then assigned the Consulting team to lead the project implementation.

Key figures

  • Consultants 24
  • Clients 25
  • Years of experience 28

Clients testimonials

  • The team of consultants is competent, dynamic, and fully understands our clients' requirements.
  • We used the consulting services when our projects led us to review our corporate structure and pricing.

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