Digital Banking & Azqore Market Place

Azqore offers an attractive partnership based on the pooling of our Qore Banking System, backed by a leading digital ecosystem. Clients benefit in a fully integrated manner and according to their strategy, from a range of digital products and all innovative solutions implemented by the Azqore Market Place fintechs, alongside specific developments customised to the Client’s requirements.

Secure Open Banking, a reality at Azqore 

Azqore has always been committed to the continuous development of its platform. The S2i interfaces with external solutions on the market, allowing each client to benefit from the most relevant solution for their specific requirements.  From the early years, the S2i platform has maintained numerous interfaces with external software (175 third-party applications and 375 technical applications beyond S2i) with, for example, Bloomberg BVAL and 21 other robust applications. 

The Azqore Market Place and Fintechs  

In addition to the numerous external software applications interfaced with the platform, Azqore is developing its digital ecosystem. The Azqore Market Place enables applications from external software providers and Fintech partners to be integrated into the S2i system. With a comprehensive shared library of APIs, the implementation of a Datalake and strict integration rules, Azqore guarantees a smooth user experience and full compliance with its market security standards. In 2020, Azqore selected new specialist partners, such as Wealth Dynamix, a leader in CRM and Client Life Cycle Management and Evooq/Edgelab, a specialist in Advisory, portfolio optimisation and risk calculation.

The Digital Factory and the "Lab"

The Digital Factory and its Lab are responsible for the design and deployment of a range of leading digital products. It aims to build an innovative digital environment by focusing our considerations on the client experience. Our Digital Factory enables the platform to:

  • ensure excellent availability of Azqore's digital services and improve the user experience with our tools;
  • offer products with high added value at the right time and/or to accompany you in this stage of value creation;
  • make innovations accessible by setting up partnerships with attractive Fintechs
  • rely on business experts and agile methods.

The purpose of the Digital Enablers programme, launched in 2019, was to accelerate the development of Azqore's technology base. We aim to continuously welcome innovative solutions in the market on our platform, particularly in the field of Data Management. 

e-Banking and m-Banking 

Azqore offers innovative and intuitive user interfaces, carefully structured information and highly developed analytical functionalities. Azqore's e-Banking and m-Banking platforms enable your clients to view their assets and enter stock exchange and payment orders with complete security. These digital tools offer numerous customisation possibilities, allowing you to offer an interface that is perfectly in-sync with your brand universe. Azqore is interested not only in the requirements of Wealth Managers but also the requirements of their clients. This is where UX and UI expertise is more essential than ever to respond as accurately as possible to the specific requirements of Private Banking clients.

A new Investment Proposal 

Within the context of MIFID2 in Europe, LSFIN in Switzerland and Suitability in Asia, financial institutions are seeking to improve performance, as well as to digitalise and optimise their investment advisory activities.
The choice of solutions is not simple for banks (major investments, costly, untested reliability of some fintechs players and the challenge to assimilate some solutions created).

By drawing on Capgemini's digital prowess and Azqore's banking expertise, we responded to a call for tenders from an international banking group and proposed an integrated S2i solution in partnership with Fintechs, Evooq and its sister company, Edgelab. This comprehensive offer, developed in less than three months, meets the client's business and economic expectations by significantly improving the productivity of its investment advisers and offering improved quality of interaction with the end client. This offer was rolled out in its six establishments within three months, the development project was launched with agility within four months after the client's validation.
The solution resulting from the partnership with Evooq/Edgelab will enable Azqore's client banks to benefit from a market-leading digital investment proposal tool.

Key figures

  • eBanking users 75000
  • Creation of the Digital Factory 2017
  • Launch of the Azqore Design Studio 2020

Clients testimonials

  • Azqore offers us a range of digital solutions, such as the account aggregator and electronic signatures.
  • We are looking forward to the wide range of business opportunities provided to us by Azqore’s Data Lake.

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