Integrated Information System (S2i)

In an increasingly demanding environment, information system performance has become an issue of key importance. Our platform stands out because of its reliability, scope continuous evolution, productivity efficiency, as well as the pooling of investments and leveraging of cost savings.

A modern and comprehensive S2i

The scope of our platform is exceptionally comprehensive, covering all Private Banking requirements and wealth managers’ needs, from A to Z, in particular, its Front Office (CRM, PMS Advisory, PMS Managed Services), Client (e-Banking, m-Banking) and Post Trade (Back Office, Regulatory, Risk, Accounting, Tax, Reporting, Electronic Document Management, Desktop Publishing) functions. It also offers retail banking functions (ATMs, mortgage lending, account aggregation) as well as corporate and investment banking functions (Capital Market, Trade Finance, Real Estate, Corporate Credit).  The S2i platform also delivers documents addressed to clients (portfolio estimates).

An international platform

Azqore offices are located in Switzerland (Lausanne) and Singapore. Our team comprises of individuals of 24 different nationalities, who speak more than 22 languages. S2i incorporates local regulations from ten countries (Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Monaco, Portugal, Singapore and Hong Kong), and is available in four languages (French, English, Spanish and Italian).  S2i has the ability to produce client reporting in 13 languages including Chinese. Our customers' data is hosted in Switzerland, in highly secure data centers.

Continuous evolution

Working with an IT banking system and a reliable and efficient back office are essential. This is the minimum requirement to operate efficiently. To grow and be differentiated, you also require the assurance of a system that is progressive, tailored to your requirements and those of your clients. All our Clients benefit from the same software version, which is updated every three months, via planned “releases”.  All users of our system therefore benefit from the most optimal version of the system without any additional cost. To maintain our solutions through cutting edge technology and to meet our Clients’ functional expectations, an investment of over CHF 40 million is made annually.

S2i 2.0

Azqore is scheduled to complete the technological transformation of its S2i platform in 2020. This transformation will bring a change to its technical base, covering both technology and infrastructure, with Open Technology and ideal language of Choice as the target. This new technical foundation will provide Azqore’s Clients with access to the most innovative FinTechs on the market, while capitalising on an integrated, stable and high-performance information system.

As of today, Azqore’s clients are able to benefit from an enhanced platform, enriched by a host of solutions, including Wealth Dynamix for Client Lifecycle Management and Evooq for investment proposals. In the coming months, we hope to add other partners to the Azqore Market Place to offer our clients a wider range of cutting-edge digital products.

Enhancing the user experience is at the core of our strategy, supporting our Clients’ commitment to pursue the modernisation of their technological platform, as well as our ongoing development of the Design System which benefits from the combined UX and UI expertise of Azqore and Capgemini.

With the completion of the Qore Evolution project in 2020, Azqore now boasts a modernised platform which offers the ultimate benefits for tomorrow's Wealth Managers.

Key figures

  • Releases per year 4
  • Languages available 4
  • Modules 60

Clients testimonials

  • High quality Back Office teams, each an expert in their own field.
  • The reliability of Azqore's Back Office is proven.

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