When a Private Bank chooses to delegate the management of its banking operating system to us, it benefits from a high level of security and support. Whatever your size and your requirements, you will join the S2i with full confidence.

We observe your special requirements

In addition to our proven methodology, the care we dedicate to the individual performance of every onboarding to S2i makes a significant difference. This major operation that requires a tailored approach, and highly structured approach, identifying special requirements from the very beginning of the process and providing solutions to manage them following every Client’s integration on the platform.

A proven method

Another commitment that sets our service quality apart is the assurance of a premium level of support throughout the project. The success of an onboarding onto our platform is based on the analysis of existing factors. We need to understand how you operate, familiar ourselves with your banking ecosystem, know how your data is structured, examine your processes, etc. This way, we will be able to offer you the best "Target Operating Model", one most able to optimise your operations. Subsequently, we define the work to be performed, as well as the specific essential developments, "the Delta", for this purpose and of course, structure the management of the onboarding project.

A tailored configuration

Our project team operates according to the project phases, on-site or remotely, to manage the numerous scheduled workstreams, such as: the parametrisation of the platform base, configuration of the counterparty network,  definition of internal access profiles and e-Banking user clients,  configuration of infrastructures and environments, the programming related to migration, etc. We support you in the necessary communication and change management throughout this crucial stage, ensuring the smooth implementation of the project. As we progress, our team performs tests and certifications, prior to the actual switch-over, before a final test with our clients, enabling them to assume ownership of the system. Additionally, we offer general and specific training online via the Azqore Client Portal, as well as on a personal level.

A high degree of security

The scale will be prepared by the client to be onboarded, by way of repetition tests during which checks and operational entries are performed to secure the Go-Live. We will also manage the monitoring of “straddling” operations that were initiated before the migration and those in the midst of completion. On project launch, you will benefit from the on-site support from our team of experts. Additionally, in the event that you encounter any doubts, our Client Support Team will take over and provide you with any necessary assistance.


Key figures

  • Migrations since 1992 60
  • Assets Under Management 200
  • Months to join S2i 9

Clients testimonials

  • Azqore's support for our merger with a third-party bank was invaluable to us. The data migration to the S2i platform was organised in a very professional manner and we were able to benefit from the experience of their experts in this type of project.
  • The team performed a great job on our onboarding project by observing user feedback and helping them to understand and operate the recently implemented system.

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