Our History

A history of conquests

1992 - 2016

Today's Azqore is based on conquests. One by one, we have gradually integrated ten of our Group's Private Banks into our S2i platform, presently under the Indosuez banner. At short notice, an initially totally independent bank in Switzerland, convinced of the relevance of the sharing concept, migrated its information system to our platform. This inaugurated a new era for us, one of development beyond the Crédit Agricole Group. Two decades later, approximately twenty European and Asian banks have placed their trust in us. 

The creation of a hub in Singapore and the birth of Azqore

2016 - 2018

Our development occurred on a geographical basis, to optimally support our customers in their activities. In 2016, Azqore created a hub in Singapore, and currently, approximately two-hundred Azqore employees work from this hub.

A further step was concluded along this journey of successive developments. Our activities, which were previously conducted under the auspices of a Department - Crédit Agricole Private Banking Services (CA-PBS) - became subsidiary-based. After obtaining our legal autonomy, in 2018 we became a full-fledged company under Swiss law. This new page in our history was accompanied by a name change from CA-PBS to Azqore. This new name reflects the aspects that make us unique in the market: it suggests the range of our solutions - from A to Z as in Azqore - and the importance of quality in our processes; it also evokes our integrated platform, which sits at  heart of our customers' processes.

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Capgemini, our technology partner

2018 - 2021

On October 4, 2018, Azqore and Capgemini announced that Capgemini would acquire a 20% stake in Azores’ assets. Pierre Dulon, CEO of Azqore at the time, stated: “We are convinced that digitalisation will profoundly transform the wealth management industry. Azqore now boasts a unique system and expertise based on the ecosystems and innovative dynamics of Capgemini and Crédit Agricole, at the service of our clients. “

On 1st May 2021, Pascal Exertier was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Azqore and Stephane Gomis, Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

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